Mental Health Ministries

Letting Go

Letting GoFall is my favorite season of the year. Living in California, we miss the more dramatic seasonal changes experienced in other parts of the country.

We do have two beautiful liquid amber trees. Our front yard tree provides a touch of fall as the leaves turn brilliant shades of gold, red, orange and brown. But the tree in our backyard clings to its leaves for several more months. It seems like the tree is unwilling to let go. It holds on tight even as the leaves shrivel and turn brown. The tree is finally forced to let go when the spring buds emerge and push the dead leaves off the branches. I'm the only person I know who rakes leaves in the spring!

Most of us have those things we cling to. Mostly it is out of fear of change and the uncertainty of what lies ahead. It is difficult to really trust the process of letting go to make room for what is to come. But when we do let go, we open ourselves to God's Spirit, coaxing us to new life and awakening our hearts to infinite possibilities for the future.

Infinite possibilities for the future.