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Popcorn Trees

Popcorn TreesA friend shared the story of how she was sitting on the ocean cliffs one day and sharing a bag of popcorn with her friend. As the two sat talking, my friend picked up some nearby twigs and began to put the plump pieces of popcorn on the ends of the twigs. Soon there was a forest of little popcorn trees on the ground in front of them.

Noticing the many birds nearby, they decided to move back from the popcorn forest and let the birds come and feast on the little trees. And so they moved further up the cliffs and the birds came.

But much to their amazement, the birds, with beaks to the ground, rummaged around for the small bits of popcorn that had broken off as the larger kernels were placed on the twigs. The birds never looked up at the forest of popcorn within easy reach, right above their heads. They missed the feast that had been so carefully made available to them.

How often do we, in our blindness, our ignorance or our need for control, fail to see the feast of opportunities made available to us? How often do we overlook the bread for the journey continually offered to us?