Mental Health Ministries

The Ark

The ArkI’ve always loved the story of Noah’s ark. I even have a little wooden ark in my office. Noah’s ark is, after all, the story of God’s grace and the promise of God’s covenant with us. Each of us enters the ark in faith that God will see us through the storms, winds and floods of our lives. And while we are on the ark, we are aware of the delicate balance and interdependence that exists between all living things, as well as with the created world. The inhabitants of Noah’s ark might well have become discouraged if they had not had one another to depend on. Through the difficult times in my life, I’ve had to learn how to hang on to others, and to God, in trust and faith.

As we ride through the flood of sorrow or loneliness or discouragement, often we feel abandoned or forgotten by God. But we stick together in the hope that one day we will open a window of our ark and send out a dove. The dove will return with a single leaf...a sign of hope and promise for us all.