Mental Health Ministries

The Three-Legged Stool

Visualize a three-legged stool. We are all created with the opportunity to develop three sides of ourselves: our body, our mind and our spirit.

  • Developing our physical side involves eating wholesome food, maintaining a healthy body weight, exercising regularly, avoiding tobacco and drugs, being safety conscious and taking care of any physical problems that arise.
  • Developing our mental side involves reading and learning, taking classes, creating, organizing, thinking and laughing. Our mental side also makes choices that integrate the physical, mental and spiritual side of ourselves.
  • Our spiritual side, without which the other two sides are meaningless, involves discovering and developing our values and goals in life. This side gives us perspectives and helps us develop the guiding principles by which we live.

“Good health” gives equal importance to developing all three sides or ourselves. Otherwise we become a wobbly one-legged or two-legged stool…and we may even topple over.

Let us keep this image in mind as we “re-create” this summer with family and friends. Plan time this summer.

When we are grounded in mind, body and spirit, we are able to use our life in service to others.