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Art and Healing

Art & HealingI no longer want to hide from this blanket of darkness called depression. I want to feel good again. I want to be able to touch it, see it and share it. Art has given me that ray of light that I was looking for. So many people suffer as I do and their creativity helps them to heal and feel whole again. During my brief stay at a psychiatric hospital, I was able to enjoy art therapy with others that were suffering just like me. I was no longer ashamed or felt alone in my struggles. We bonded and we created. There is so much talent and awareness to be shared with others. An idea was born in my mind and I needed to share with everyone and anyone that would listen to Art show covering all aspects of expression to be shared. Wonderful and good things can come from something so dark. My vision is so inviting for everyone to enjoy and learn. From this also came the birth of another dream. An art therapy support group for anyone in need of a place to connect creates and express. I am no longer ashamed. Depression has affected my entire family and expression has helped my husband and I to heal. My husband has written poetry and I enjoy photography and painting. So many more could benefit and I want to make it happen.

I am so excited to share that an art show is in the works with the support of Grace United Methodist Church in Essex Junction and also Mental Health Education Initiative of Chittenden County VT. Art has been a source of hope and healing when I struggle mentally. My hope is to give others that struggle as I do the same feeling of inner piece and balance in Art & Healingtheir lives. I was once ashamed and wanted to hide from the world. My secret was depression. I am no longer going let depression keep from living this life I was blessed with. I would also like to that Susan for also being an inspiration in my recovery. Her story touched a special place in my heart and let me know I was not alone.

Rosemary C. Lawyer
Essex Junction, Vermont