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Mood Watch App

Mood Watch App

Mood Watch App

Mood Watch is available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android devices for only 99 cents.  The app is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Macedonian, Ukrainian, Japanese, and Chinese (Traditional & Simplified). 

Kimberly is featured in a webinar sponsored by the International Bipolar Foundation.

My name is Kimberly Knox, inventor, bipolar I patient and creator of Mood Watch, a new mobile application program for people who may have mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, bipolar and post-traumatic stress disorders.  Mood Watch gives people tools that can help them live happier and more productive, spiritually active lives. It all starts with peace.  This is my goal; the reach is world-wide.

Let’s face it—the words ‘inner peace’ aren’t often heard together, and yet in real practice, you can’t get any closer to a more healing pair.  Mental health can be affected by a sense of inner peace… and inner peace is where real spirituality begins—the cares of the world falling away.  Make no mistake about it, mental health is for everyone and for all the right reasons.

The program is based upon three pro-health pillars I call “Meditation, Medication, and Management or Magic.”  The largest of these is centered around Meditation.  Mood Watch has user-friendly exercises for logging pulse, blood pressure and meditation for direct biofeedback.  In addition, Mood Watch allows users to dissect their moods into smaller components for evaluation.  One of those components is called “Focus/Mindfulness”.  I paired the words to anchor people to a broader, more beneficial concept.  Mindfulness is actually far more than focus or general awareness.  It is an awareness both internal and external, broad and focused, all rolled into one.  When applied to a person’s every motion and every experience throughout the day, it can bring inner peace into reality.  Mindfulness is where life becomes a living meditation, and spirit is everywhere.

The second important pillar targets medication.  Evidence suggests that medication adherence is only achieved 50% of the time, so Mood Watch has a simple but rigorous system of alarms and check-off boxes.

The third pillar is “Management,” or what I refer to as “Magic.”  This includes  the combination of both meditation and medication within the network of the Mood Watch program.  The app takes all of the information the user inputs over time and then synchronizes and displays it.  The result is invaluable information gathered over a week, a month or longer to guide one’s actions and behaviors for better mental health and a better life.  The results can also be helpful when shared with a doctor.

You have everything to gain.

Kimberly Knox