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Pet Therapy

Pet TherapyI have had bipolar depression since 1993. I love animals and decided to keep birds. I bought 18 budgies, commonly known as parakeets. They got me up in the morning as I had to feed them. Budgies are very social creatures. It was great to see their antics and I certainly had lots of feathered friends "to talk to!" My doctor said that it was the greatest therapy and would do me a lot of good. He was right.

After leaving my job as a school teacher, I decided that fewer birds would help, give me more time to interact and observe their individual idiosyncracies. I currently have eight birds and I love each one dearly. We give each other a zest for life! When I find myself feeling lonely at night, I realize they are my feather ed sleeping companions. One tweets regularly to wake me up to come and say hello in the morning.

No matter what kind of pet works for you, I recommend Pet Therapy!

Marion Da Silva
Mississauga and the province of Ontario, Canada