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When Love is Not Enough

When Love is Not EnoughAfter the suicide death of our 20-year-old son in December 2010, we feel compelled to raise awareness of mental and emotional problems in children. As Christian parents, our faith is central to our lives. We homeschooled our two boys, and involved them in church activities. Evidently our son struggled from a mood disorder, but kept it hidden from us. Parents need to know that mental illness and suicide touch every race, gender, socio-economic status, and religion, and they need to take action to educate themselves and their children.

To help raise awareness among parents, we share Nathan’s story on a website. We developed a 40-minute PowerPoint presentation, “When When Love is Not EnoughLove is Not Enough,” to advise parents of the risk. To accompany that presentation, we are writing a book chronicling Nathan’s life from his birth when Lyn almost died from complications, to his death while in the Navy on assignment in Guam, along with our search for clues for the reason behind the suicide, and our intense grief in the wake of his tragic death. We hope to use the book, presentation, and website to raise parents’ awareness of this important part of parenting. To learn more, go to

Trent & Lynelle Watford