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Gambling Recovery Ministries - Indiana (and the World beyond)

Gambling Recovery Ministries PamphletsTWO QUESTIONS initiated the beginnings of Gambling Recovery Ministries:

“Have you heard any stories of persons who have been affected by problem gambling?” Yes

“What are the churches doing about it?” Nothing

In other words, what is the faith community doing to reach out to persons affected, directly and/or indirectly, by gambling addiction? That was winter of 2001. By September, the new, un-named mission with initial funding from the South Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church started from scratch. Since then, GRM’s outreach has expanded throughout the United States and points beyond.

GRM leadership has presented workshops at statewide, regional, national and international conferences. Materials have been sent throughout the country to persons calling and asking for help with problem gambling. In addition to GRM’s Indiana-based Resource Center, Gambling Recovery Ministries now has a resource library “outpost” with many free materials on problem gambling and recovery issues at Christ United Methodist Ministry Center in San Diego, California.

GRM’s outreach ranges from individual supportive and referral consultation to community information events, classroom teaching, pulpit presentations, and providing continuing education (CEU events) for mental and public health professionals, social workers, and clergy.

Gambling Recovery Ministries bridges the gaps between the faith-based community, treatment programs, and support groups. Most importantly, GRM works with individuals seeking recovery. Referral information and supportive consultation is provided to both the gambler and his/her loved ones. GRM’s life-saving aim is sharing real hope through information about problem gambling recovery and pointing the way to treatment and support groups. People literally leave the GRM Office and Resource Center with bags full of literature!

GRM provides spiritual support and the outreach is open to persons of all faiths – as well as to those who are not faith-based. Prayer is provided, when requested; and among the recovery materials are faith-based helps, also. Then too, there is free-range discussion on faith issues relating to addiction.

Gambling Recovery Ministries website provides a wealth of information on gambling-specific addiction and recovery issues as well as the monthly GRM Blog viewed steadily across the globe. Moreover, Rev. Janet Jacobs. GRM’s Founding Director, shares in her work with the International Gambling Counselor Certification Board’s Clergy/Lay Minister Certification in Gambling Prevention, Education, Awareness, and Spiritual Outreach the how-to implementation into parish settings of ministry to persons affected by problem gambling.

Now registered as a non-profit incorporation by the State of Indiana, Gambling Recovery Ministries Interfaith Special Projects, Inc. continues to share help and hope throughout the world! For more information, contact Rev. Janet Jacobs at