Mental Health Ministries

MHM Spotlight - January 2006

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Mental Health Ministries is expecting a busy 2006 as we continue to grow and expand our outreach.

Credit Cards are now being accepted for our VHS, DVD and book resources! We are using PayPal, but you do NOT have to be registered with them to make as secure credit transaction. Shipping is based on the total price of your order. For a list of our products for sale, go to the "Resources" page on our website, . My books, In the Shadow of God's Wings: Grace in the Midst of Depression and Prayers for a Sojourning People: A Collection of Pastoral Prayers are also available for sale and will be autographed.

The ABC-TV documentary, Shadow Voices: Finding Hope in Mental Illness continues to air in approximately 71% of ABC affiliates nationally. You can order a copy of this documentary or a DVD resource that contains 100 "bonus" minutes at . Scroll down on the left side to the Shadow Voices logo. I helped to write the discussion guide that you can view by clicking "Resources" on the left hand side of the Shadow Voices website. Topics for this documentary include history of treatment, insurance parity, stigma, rehab/recovery, criminal justice and the role of church and faith.

Postpartum Depression - Mental Health Ministries is moving ahead with production of a VHS resource for churches to address the important topic of postpartum depression. The working title of this resource is, Breaking the Silence: Postpartum Depression and Families of Faith. It will be appropriate for use with new families and their friends and relatives. A brochure to give to families will be included with this resource and is currently available as a free downloadable resource on the Mental Health Ministries website. Go to the "Free Resources, Links, Grants" page. If you wish to make a gift to this project in the name of someone, use the contact information at the end of this Update.

Princeton Theological Seminary Conference - I will be presented a two day conference at Princeton Theological Seminary. The topic is "Mental Illness as a Spiritual Journey." The conference will be held April 18 and 19, 2006, at Princeton Theological Seminary, 20 Library Place, Princeton, New Jersey, 08540. There is an overview of the conference on the Mental Health Ministries website on the "Events" page. More details and a link will be added as plans are finalized.

NAMI National Convention - I plan on attending the NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) Annual Convention in Washington, D.C. June 28-July 2. The conference title is "Changing Minds. Changing Lives. Keeping the Promise." FaithNet NAMI, Pathways to Promise and other groups working in the area of spirituality and mental illness will have a session and a table at the conference. For more information on registration, visit .

The NAMI Advocate is reaching out to faith communities with their Faith Community Section. I have an article in the current issue titled, "The Role of Faith Communities in the Midst of Disaster." The article addresses how partnerships with faith communities can be very helpful...especially in the aftermath of disasters like Hurricane Katrina. This article is available on our website on the "Free Resources, Links, Grants" page.

All ten VHS resources from Mental Health Ministries are available for the discounted price of $159. Details are on the website. Contact Susan for special pricing on quantity orders.

It is not too early to begin preparations for Mental Illness Awareness Month in May.

I wish you all the best in the New Year as we work together to erase the stigma of mental illness in our faith communities.

Susan Gregg-Schroeder