Mental Health Ministries

MHM Spotlight - Winter 2006

Mental Illness and the Holidays Brochure

In response to your requests, I have written a free, downloadable brochure, Mental Illness: Coping with the Holidays. It provides tips for persons with a mental illness, their family and friends, and guidelines for faith communities as we approach the holiday season. This brochure is available in the Other Resources section on the website under "brochures."

Featured Resource

We periodically feature one of our media resources. This month we are lifting up the video resource, "Overcoming Stigma: Finding Hope." In line with our new Coping with the Holidays brochure, holiday events with family and friends can provide the opportunity to help others understand mental illness. This resource addresses stigma. Through personal story and comments from mental health professionals, this resource can help us move beyond the stigma of mental illness to understanding and hope.

Faith Group Statements

Thanks to Pathways to Promise, we have added a document giving guidelines and resolutions adopted by different faith groups regarding care for persons struggling with mental illness. It is available in the Other Resources section on the website under "articles."

Your Ideas Page

We have two churches that have shared what has worked for them in ministering to persons with a mental illness and their families. It is our hope that you can adapt some of their ideas to your setting. We welcome and encourage additional contributions. Contact Susan with your ideas!

Length of Mental Health Ministries Resources

I have received a number of inquiries as to the length of our resources. They are short enough to use in a class. A discussion guide is included. All media resources feature at least two persons sharing their story as well as professionals in the area. Some resources, like Creating Caring Congregations , can be used in four different settings. The length of our resources is:

Creating Caring Congregations - 29:15 minutes
Understanding Depression - 17:42 minutes
Teenage Depression and Suicide - 15:44 minutes
Overcoming Stigma, Finding Hope - 14:26 minutes
Gifts of the Shadow - 17:15 minutes
Addiction and Depression - 17:45 minutes
Eating Disorders - 14:07 minutes
Anxiety: Overcoming Fear - 20:40 minutes
Alzheimer's: Care and Support - 17:28 minutes
Mental Illness and Families of Faith - 22:10 minutes

More information on each video tape, plus our unique Mental Health Mission Moments DVD with 2-3 minute clips from the resources above is available on our website. Each VHS resource is $20. All ten videos are available at a discounted $159.99. You can get the DVD format instead of VHS for the same price!!! The DVD usually sells for $25. Be sure to put you request in the Notes box when you pay by credit card. Contact me directly about reduced costs for multiple copies of the same resources.


Overview of Mental Health Ministries Achievements in 2006
New Website

With a new webmaster, the Mental Health Ministries got a new looks with additional resources. We added an Inspiration Section with devotions, prayers, quotations and photographs. We also added the Your Ideas page to share models of ministry. It is also easier to get information on our media resources and purchase them online with a credit card.

New Resources

Our very popular Creating Caring Congregations is now available in video or DVD format with close captioning.

We have developed new brochures and handouts available for you to download for use in your setting.

Mental Health Ministries received a small grant to provide packets with material on postpartum depression to all United Methodist churches in the San Diego area.

We are collaborating with a domestic violence group in applying for a grant to provide media and print resources on "Teenage Depression, Suicide and Relationship Violence."

In collaboration with our partner, Pacific Media Ministry, interviews have been taped with two families who have lived with postpartum depression. Professionals who work in this area have also been taped. We cannot proceed further with developing a media resource to help educate churches about postpartum depression until we receive financial help from donations or sponsors.

Some of Susan's Speaking Engagements and Other Events 2006

Princeton Theological Seminary - two day continuing education class

NAMI National Convention in Washington D.C. - Workshop leader and speaker with FaithNet NAMI

FaithNet NAMI Teleconference - September 15, 2006

NAMI South Carolina keynote speaker for state conference

Seminar sponsored by North Carolina Committee on Disability Concerns with the United Methodist Church in cooperation with the North Carolina Mental Health Association and NAMI North Carolina

Mental Health Association "Meeting of the Minds" exhibitor

Board of Directors for Pathways to Promise and Pacific Media Ministry

Training events for mental health providers, preaching and seminars on spirituality and mental illness

Our Vision for 2007

Complete the postpartum depression DVD

Work with veteran's groups on PTSD

Continue to partner with other groups in seeking grant money for to provide education on spirituality and mental health

End of Year Giving

Consider making a contribution to Mental Health Ministries to ensure that we can continue to provide you with resources to address spirituality and mental illness. We receive no funding from the church. We depend on people like you to help us

Your tax deductible gifts can be made through PayPal (designated as a gift), or by sending a check to the contact address on this page.

I wish you all a joyous and meaningful holiday season.



Susan Gregg-Schroeder