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MHM Spotlight - December 2007


Mennonite Media has produced two new hour-long documentaries.

Finding Hope in Recovery: Families Living with Addiction

Finding Hope in RecoveryFinding Hope in Recovery: Families Living with Addiction will be aired on December 30, 2007, at 7 a.m. Eastern and Pacific Time and 6:00 a.m. Central Time.

50 percent of us have a friend or family member directly affected by drug or alcohol addiction.

"... the most destructive thing to family systems is the disease of addiction."
--Shirley Beckett Mikell, Association for Addictions Professionals

This documentary includes challenging and heartbreaking stories of families facing addictions. Travel with them through the stages of recovery--and setback. Learn how recovery, reconciliation and healing can happen.

Visit the Mennonite Media website at for additional information, background articles, resources and links. This resource will be available for purchase on this website next year.

Mental Health Ministries has a related resource, Addiction and Depression, available on our website at .

Overview of Mental Health Ministries Resource Addiction and Depression

Addiction to alcohol and/or drugs often masks an underlying depression. The link between addiction and depression can cause a downward spiral leading to severe health problems, especially suicide. Three persons share their stories of addiction and depression that end in recovery and hope.

This resource includes a group discussion guide.
Run time of resource: 17:45 minutes
This VHS resource sells for $20.00.

Embracing Aging: Families Facing Change

Embracing AgingEmbracing Aging: Families Facing Change will be aired on ABC-TV stations beginning January 6, 2008. This program probes phases of aging, retirement, housing options, care issues and options, relationships, aging in different cultures, mental health issues, and the role of the church.

Additional information and resources about this documentary are available at . A full website is being developed to complement this show. Check this website or your local listings for show may need to record this show based on time slots. The DVD will be available for sale on this website next year.

Mental Illness in Older Adults Brochure

Mental Health Ministries has a new free, downloadable resource. Mental Illness in Older Adults: An Opportunity for Spiritual Growth is a tri-fold brochure available on our website.

Mental Health Ministries strives to keep you informed on significant opportunities to further education on mental health issues.

May you have a blessed New Year.

Be prepared at all times for the gifts of God and be ready always for new ones. For God is a thousand times more ready to give than we are to receive.
~ Meister Eckhart



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