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Mental Illness and Families of Faith:
How Congregations Can Respond

About This Resource

Mental Illness and Families of Faith: How Congregations Can RespondMental Illness and Families of Faith: How Congregations Can Respond is a two DVD set to help educate faith communities about various mental health issues. One in four families sitting in our pews has a family member dealing with a mental illness. Yet many are suffering in silence. Through education, we can erase the stigma associated with these "no fault" illnesses and provide congregations with examples of how they can become supportive and caring communities for individuals and families affected by mental illness.

These eight shows cover a variety of mental health issues. Professionals provide important information about each illness. But mostly you will hear from real people who live with these brain disorders. Each segment presents an issue related to the experience of mental illness, puts a face to the issue and offers a message of hope. The shows are short enough to be used in a variety of settings including classes and small groups. Each segment has a discussion guide with background information, questions for discussion and where to find additional resources. The complete shows from the DVD set, Mental Illness and Families of Faith, are available for purchase as VHS resources. Information on purchasing these VHS resources is available in the Video Clips section.

List of Shows

Disc 1
Coming Out of the Dark -- Interfaith Introduction (Length: 53 seconds)
Mental Illness in Different Age Groups (Length: 17:39 minutes)
Mental Illness and Families of Faith (Length: 20:50 minutes)
Understanding Depression (Length: 16:31 minutes)
Overcoming Stigma: Finding Hope (Length: 13:13 minutes)

Disc 2
Addiction and Depression (Length: 16:42 minutes)
Anxiety: Overcoming the Fear (Length: 18:49 minutes)
Teenage Depression and Suicide (Length: 14:39 minutes)
Eating Disorders: Wasting Away (Length: 12:58 minutes)
Creating Caring Congregations (Length: 10:39 minutes)